The following values are key elements in my cooperation

Added Value: The added value for you will be that together we put you in the position to realize your strengths, to extend them and to achieve your targets. 


Sustainability: Your wellbeing is at the center of our cooperation. The achieved results have to generate sustainable value for you. This means they should generate a long-term sustainable impact. 


Trustful Cooperation and Confidentiality: We build up and maintain the cooperation by a strictly confidential handling of information and a respectful and fair interaction.


Responsibility: I take responsibility for a professional process during our cooperation, you take the responsibility for the implementation of the sustainable success.

Coaching Term

"Professionally moderated help giving self-help for a defined subject matter"

My understanding of "Coaching" is based on the following definition

  • professional
    as Coach I am qualified through professional training and a profound foundation in those tasks which I will handle, e.g. by my own professional experience and my expert knowledge
  • moderation
    as Moderator I am in a neutral Position and I control the moderation process
  • help giving self-help
    Assumption: the Coachee* has a tacit solution to his concern; by Coaching this solution can be unveiled;
    as Coach I support this process and accompany the Coachee; the Coachee is the "Content Expert", the Coach the "Process Expert", who provides respectful support
  • defined
    the specific Coaching target must be defined at the beginning
  • subject matter/ concern
    the Coachee comes with questions, a concern, a subject matter to the Coach

     * "Coachee" is the "person to be coached"